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This page is the scrap paper where I'm collecting links for the sidebars and such. Everything worth noting should eventually find its way into the real document. — Justin Unrau 2011/05/18 13:00

Background on Parliamentary libraries


Core Library Services

core     Chapter Introduction/TOC  
ilms     Commonly used open source and commercial Integrated Library Management systems in the context of self-managed and hosted approaches.  
reference info services     Open source and commercial approaches to research, including reference query tracking services and trends in reference services with the evolution of full text databases, federated search engines and database research services.  
document delivery     Document delivery systems, including national and consortia approaches to document delivery.  
content management     Publishing on the internet and intranet, including standards, accessibility, content management systems & wikis.  
alerting services     Push methods (routing lists, email) and pull methods (RSS) that provide targeted information delivery to clients.  
subscriptions     A discussion of subscriptions, subscription services, and digital subscription services including consortia subscriptions to digital resources.  



AACR2 – Anglo American Cataloguing standards 2 – an influential standard internationally that is the basis for many other standards.
MARC – Machine Readable Cataloguing – a standard method for interchange of bibliographic data – note MARC21 and UNIMARC.


Library registries


Open Source

  • Emilda(Realnode Ltd 2008) – a small open source project with an attractive interface and a good installed base in small libraries
  • Evergreen(Georgia Public Library Service) – a more recent open source system with a good installed base and strong “hype” in the blogs
  • Gnuteca(Cooperativa de Soluções Livres 2008) – a Brazilian open source system with strong non-English installed base
  • Koha(Koha Development Team and Katipo Communications Ltd 2008) – the oldest open source system, with a strong installed base
  • OpenBiblio(Stevens and Stetson 2008) – a system popular in small libraries, with simple installation and an effective presentation.
  • PhpMyLibrary(Babao 2008) – developed in the Philippines and released not long after Koha. This system championed the use of MARC to facilitate adoption.
  • PMB (PMB Services 2008) – a French open source system with strong European installed base


With robust APIs and thorough adherence to industry standards, proprietary automation products aim to provide programmatic access to the data and functionality of their systems to enhance interoperability and to allow libraries to extract data, customize features, or create new functionality.

  • Ex Libris - worldwide with offices and distributors in North and South America, Europe, East Asia, Australia and HQ in Israel - many products for dedicated purposes to manage print electronic and digital resources - Ex Libris Alma: centralizing data services into the cloud to facilitate data sharing and metadata standardization Alma takes a new approach to library automation, with highly shared data models and capabilities to manage all types of library resources; it will be offered primarily through Software-as-a-Service deployed on cloud-based computing infrastructure.“ also opening platform for code sharing and robust APIs
  • OCLC WMS - OCLC has entered the marketing and deployment cycle of Web-scale Management Services (WMS), a framework for automating libraries based on the WorldCat platform. WMS combines the functionality already available in WorldCat for cataloging, resource sharing, and discovery with the capability to perform circulation, acquisitions, and license management, thereby obviating the need for the library to operate an integrated library system.
  • Sirsi Dynix - huge and litigious, Horizon and Symphony are the software choices of many libraries around the world.
  • Library World ??

from:Practical Open Source Software for Libraries by Nicole C. Engard, Chandos Publishing, 2010. ISBN: 978-1-84334-585-5, xxv, 242 pages, Paperbound.

  • Greenstone is an easy-to-use digital library software to build digital libraries on the Web or to distribute data via digital media such as CD-ROM or DVD.
  • DSpace offers an enhanced ability to store various data types and offer remote access to stored content.
  • Kete allows the library to host and moderate the content added by the community members as well as to publish library’s contents.

Reference and Info Services

To be expanded greatly; this is the core for parliamentary libraries so it's important.

Big issues are asynchronous tools like email, subject guides (evaluated with direct links and commentary?), FAQs, & synchronous ones like IM/Skype, screensharing



Fulltext Databases

Reference Tracking

Subject Guides

Document Delivery


  • ISO 10160:1997 Information and Documentation - Open Systems Interconnection - Interlibrary Loan Application
  • ISO 10161-1:1997 Information and Documentation - Open Systems Interconnection - Interlibrary Loan Application Protocol Specification
  • ISO 10161-2: Information and Documentation - Open Systems Interconnection - Interlibrary Loan Application Protocol Specification - Part 2


Content Management

Intranet Extranet Website



wikis and other publishing

Alerting Services

including push methods (routing lists, email) and pull methods (such as RSS) provide a critical means for targeted information delivery to parliamentary library clients.



Subscriptions and Digital Subscriptions

A discussion of subscriptions, subscription services, and digital subscription services including consortia subscriptions to digital resources



Archives & Records Management


Integrating Digital Resources

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