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Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2011/08/21 17:23    
ICT Handbook for Parliamentary Libraries 2011/05/12 13:58 Edmund Balnaves  
Chapter 2: Selection, implementation and management of ICT services for libraries 2011/05/30 12:46 Edmund Balnaves  
Chapter 3: Core Library Services 2011/05/12 15:04 Edmund Balnaves  
Chapter 4: Archives & Records Management 2011/05/12 14:51 Edmund Balnaves  
Chapter 5: Current developments in social media and Web 2.0 2011/05/16 10:05 Edmund Balnaves 1 Comment
Chapter 6: Impact measures and statistics 2011/05/30 12:48 Edmund Balnaves  
Glossary 2011/08/21 17:14    
Further Reading and Resources 2011/05/16 10:21 Edmund Balnaves  

Working Committee

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